Critical - BTT makes system unresponsive after boot (bluetooth devices related probably)


I seem to have fallen into some edge case - was playing around with Bluetooth devices a little bit - now, after a reboot, even when the devices are disconnected completely, BTT seems to restart itself endlessly. I mean, the script that I suppose were supposed to fix Touch Bar issue, now keeps showing up in activity monitor - creating new instance of itself before I can do anything with it :frowning:

I can't use the system right now, typing fastly on another machine
Running latest Mojave, latest stable btt

Creepy stuff is going on, sometimes my keys are not being recognized (I have to type letter X times for it to appear in system, spotlight is closing itself before I can do much with it, etc). Is there some easy way to kill all BTT related processes?

Edit: I just booted in safe mode, and disabled BTT from autostart. I can confirm, that booting up the BTT with particular config causes the system unresponsiveness. I'll probably delete the config for now - use some of the auto back ups and send you the faulty one

Edit 2: I cannot remove BTT from auto login items list! It keeps jumping in :open_mouth:

Weird, is maybe this the problematic action?
This would cause a restart loop of BetterTouchTool on that machine:

To kill BTT you can use this terminal command:
killall BTTRelaunch && killall BetterTouchTool

(I always have SSH enabled in System Preferences => Sharing => Remote Login, so I can do things like this even if the system has become unresponsive using some SSH app on my iPhone)

Guess that's it! It was late so I probably missed it thanks! I'll set up ssh access surely after today, it's been really a long time since I felt such pressure and fear about my machine :sweat_smile:. It'd be cool if you implemented some safety loop to prevent such actions in the future if some other user silly as me will do the same.

Generally, I wanted to re-implement the fix that allowed to have BetterTouchTool Touch Bar enabled after sleep - something similar worked before Mojave, but I suppose I wanted to assign different action to it.

Also I was missing BTTRelaunch, I just killed BetterTouchTool and that didn't really work.

Thanks for your help anyway, best support ever!

Do you know whether BTT does automatically restart after sleep on your machine? (it should do that without any additional setup)

It doesn't seems so, I mean - Touch Bar is not initialized properly on my machine since Mojave. I can provide additional details about it in a sec if you need.

Just wanted to ask you one more thing: are there any chances for you to send me back my config with this particular action removed? The one that caused infinite reboot? I had some actions configured that I do not have in old backups and that'd be great if I could have them back :innocent:


MacBook Pro 13" mid 2017, MacOS Mojave 10.14, 3.1GHz Intel Core I5,
16Gigs of ram, Intel Iris Plus Graphics 650 1536 MB

I have sent it to you!

Thanks, recieved it - everything works as it should! If you ever need anything from me, to debug something, send logs - please let me know :slight_smile:

Maybe it's restarting too early or something like this :-/
Would be great if you'd open the BTT preferences before putting your mac to sleep next time. If they are still visible when waking from sleep, BTT didn't restart - otherwise it did.

Alright - I've set it up, we'll see in few hours whats the outcome of it.

@Andreas_Hegenberg I havent responded yesterday because I was quite suprised - and since yesterday, everything seems to be working fine in terms of the BTT reinit after sleep! I mean, touchbar is working! I have some suspicions what could cause it, I'll let other ppl know in the thread that is dedicated to it