Creating new custom snap areas kills snapping

I can't define custom snap areas. When I add a custom snap area snapping to areas simply stops working.
Repro steps:

With snap area feature enabled but with no custom snap areas added.

  1. Add a custom snap area. BTT Snap areas no longer work.
  2. Reset snap areas, disable snap area feature, restart BTT, enable snap area feature, restart BTT. Snap areas work

I reported this a while back but didn't follow up because I assumed it was a conflict with some other installed app but it's doing this on a clean Mojave late beta install with no other apps yet installed.

Affected input device:. MacBook Trackpad

Device information:
MacBook Pro, 2017
macOS version: 10.14 beta (18A384a)

  • BetterTouchTool version:

Which version of BTT are you running? Several snap area issues have been addressed with one of the recent updates.

I'm using 2.641


In general snapping to the default areas only gets disabled if you overlay them with a custom snap area (which is then preferred).

Could you maybe post a screenshot of how you are defining the snap area? Maybe there is just a misunderstanding on how they work.

I made a screencast;

Ah thanks!
I see you are not dragging the window by the title-bar, are you using the the move & resize functionality from BTT? Or is this something else?
Does it work if you drag by the titlebar?

That was it. But if you drag the window by the title bar once you can subsequently drag using BTT move & resize:

  1. create a new snap area
  2. drag using BTT functionality; no snap areas
  3. drag using title bar; snap areas visible, all works.
  4. drag using BTT functionality; snap areas visible, all works
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Ah that explains why I couldn't reproduce it :slight_smile:
Will be fixed with the next update!

This should now be fixed in the latest alpha! (v2.463)

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