creating mouse universal gestures for different browsers

hi. new here.

am i understanding how this works?

  1. identify browser apps (testing both bundle and app name):

  1. if true, these would / should(?) work (i see the gestures but actions don't work):

(i have confirmed that when i created a separate / individual browser set, these gestures do work.)


hmm... anyone?

out of curiosity... is this forum mostly members supporting each other with shared knowledge, or is it where i can get official support from the developer of btt?

just want to know what to expect. seems like a simple enough question that hasn't been answered for 10 days (:frowning:


if you need official support the easiest way is to ping me here (via @Andreas_Hegenberg )

I need to look into this - I think this might be a bug with drawing gestures - because in general your setup looks good.

thx for the response!

i'll monitor this thread for any progress on your end.