Creating BTT Button for Ejecting External Hard Drive

Has anyone been able to figure out how to create a Touch Bar icon to unmount/eject an external hard drive?

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Update - I just figured it out. You can setup a button to Command-E and that is the shortcut to eject the drive.

Have a great day.

Hi Rusty,

I'm interested in the same or similar feature, how did you implement your button? I imagine a solution where as soon as I plug a drive to the computer, a new button appears in BTT and when I hit this button, the drive will be ejected - is this possible? Or how did you do it?

Cheers, Martin

I answered your PM already, but he most likely just has a button that is displayed regardless of mounted volumes and calls up ⌘E whenever he wants to unmount all connected devices.

I was going to look into this, where a list of drives shows up and you can tap each to eject. It seems possible to make an “eject all disks” button and retrieve attached disks, I just need to figure out how to seperate the list of disks and target specific disks.

In the Finder app in the BTT configuration tool, I added a button for the eject short cut which is Command-E and then labeled the button Eject Drive. It was as simple as that. Tried a couple of other things that didn't work but this did.

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Coming to my AquaTouch preset soon.

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