Create variable and use it across different actions


I'm trying to create a variable that I could use to increment a given number with a button so I could create incremented ID when I write documents without worrying about where I am in the count.

For now I've been able to create a variable with user input via apple script and I can also add 1 to that variable at the end but I can't figure how to insert it as text (preferably write and not paste)

Does anyone have any clues?

Ah that would be a good addition to the "Paste Text" action. I'll add a way to select variables there.

I just found this
tell application "BetterTouchTool"

set_persistent_number_variable "variableName" to 12345

end tell

It would be nice if we could use that variable in the Insert / Type / Paste Custom Text action like we can use the date&time

yep, I'll add that!

Super interesting!!
How can I tell another Apple Script widget to use that variable?

Hi guys,

Do you have any update on that feature?


In v3.03 it's now possible to use the variables in the "insert / type / paste custom text" action

There will be more soon.