Create 'sub-sets' of triggers to be used throughout BTT

For apps that don't properly respect macOS's customized key bindings (e.g. Eclipse, Arduino, MS Office, etc.) I routinely go into BTT and set up specific keyboard triggers for those apps. The thing is it's always the exact same ten or fifteen triggers. What would be great is a way to define that 'set' of triggers, then be able to go in to an app-specific setting and say 'use that set' and I'd get them all at once.

Even better, if you just made applying a set a 'trigger entry' itself (i.e. a single row in the list of triggers), you could still add/customize/override them for that app.


TriggerSets (New feature)

  1. MySooperTriggers (defines 10 shortcut triggers, including one for CMD-P)
  2. MyWindowsShortcuts (defines 6 shortcut triggers)

List of triggers for MS Office...

  1. Apply Trigger Set 'MySooperTriggrz'
  2. Apply Trigger Set 'MyWindowsShortcuts'
  3. CMD-ALT-Y -> Do something awesome

List of triggers for Arduino IDE...

  1. Apply Trigger Set 'MySooperTriggrz'
  2. CMD-ALT-Y -> Build Project
  3. CMD-P -> SomethingNewOverridingCMDPInMySooperTriggerz

Hopefully that makes sense.

You can already do that using Conditional Activation Groups. Create a group and as conditions add all the apps you wish. Then add all the triggers that are common among all those apps (#1 from your examples).

For more specific triggers, you can add it to Office, Arduino, etc. themselves outside of the CAG.

Awesome! Wasn't aware of that feature (CAGs). BTW, I've reported a few times now the other 'half' to me solving this... fixing the seemingly-broken 'Prevent recursive triggers' issue. You had mentioned that you thought it was fixed but I reported back it still isn't as of today, April 24th in the latest version. Have you had a chance to look into that?

Haha. Sorry I am not the developer, just another BTT user like you. @Andreas_Hegenberg is the one you want to address this question to.