Create New File in Current Folder - small changes BIG IMPROVEMENT!

Hi Andreas, hope you and your family are keeping well!

I've been using 'Create New File in Current Folder' quite a bit and think BTT would benefit from a couple of changes to its functionality.

Currently, once triggered, the 'Enter name for new file:' dialogue box appears and the whole filename and extension, is selected.

With this current behaviour, to create a .txt file the user either has to

  • Retype .txt; or
  • [Shift]+[left arrow] x4 to deselect the extension; or
  • Use the mouse to select 'newfile'

Kinda tedious.

Is it possible to have only 'newfile' selected?

... AND...

Enable Cmd+A to work in the field?

This way the user can create a txt file straight away, without additional keystrokes to deselect the '.txt', AND a non-txt file can be created with ease :slight_smile:

Seriously. Creating new .txt files to add folder/content-related notes is a pain in the butt with functionality as it stands