create File inside clipboard manager

Is there a way to create a file within the clipboard manager for better organization?

Not yet. But you can edit/overwrite an existing file. When you are done click (finish editing). The original Clipboard remains unchanged.

just to understand, what do you mean by create a file?

Sorry, I wanted to say folder😅, just to organize my favorite list a bit ,because it keeps getting longer over time.

ah ok, yeah folders would be a nice addition. I plan to improve various aspects of the clipboard manager and have already collected a long list of things to improve. However it will probably not happen until december - lots of other things on the roadmap right now :slight_smile:

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Hi Andreas, I've been thinking – do you believe it's possible in the future to incorporate the clipboard manager into your upcoming iOS app and synchronize it with the desktop version through BTT or iCloud? it would be awesome to have the clipboard manger synchronised on each apple device