Create E-mail Templates with Added Variables

Hi everyone, before I ask my question, I just want to say how impressed I am at how kind everyone is here. I believe that's a testament to how Andreas looks after all of us. Really nice to see this kind of support and community available. As a lifetime owner of BTT, it makes me kind of proud in a way. Anyway, onto my question - and fingers crossed someone can help me, or least tell me if I'm an idiot and should stop dreaming. LOL. I've been using Briskine (on Gmail) to create email templates (for work) that I can send to prospects, clients, and also new employees, and I love the simplicity, but since dumping Bartender (for obvious reasons) and learning how BTT can essentially replace Bartender, I've started to think about other things it might be able to help me replace. I use Typinator too for keyboard shortcuts but Briskine does it better when it comes to email templates, and this is where I'd like to start. I'm not sure how many of you know Briskine, but it's really good for not only Gmail template creation, but one of the things I love is the ability to add variables that also completes the subject field, and takes the email prefix (the name before the @domain) and adds that after "Hi", or anywhere I want to put it. There are a bunch of other variables you can use too and it's really simple to setup. Typinator, I don't think, does this - or, it does it differently - by allowing you to setup questions that upon completion allow you to add that information to whatever you need. So, here's the question, is BTT capable of doing this? Imagine a blank email (doesn't have to be Gmail, could be Apple Mail, or whatever), you type some random letters in the body, and a prewritten template it pasted into the email... but, in addition, the email you entered into the To Field - let's say - takes bill, converts it to Bill, and places it after the "Hi,"... AND as part of the template, the matching subject heading is also added to the subject field. Then all you need to do is hit Send. That's what Briskine does. Any thoughts? Wishful thinking, perhaps? Please keep in mind when it comes to this stuff I'm less than a noob. I'm an oob. Or a boob, take your pick... one of 'em, anyway. Thanks all!

this would be possible, but would require some scripting and is highly dependent on the e-mail app (because BTT will need to retrieve the e-mail address from the "to" field, which is different for every e-mail app).

If you just want it for apple mail I can quickly build an example

Wow, yeah, that'd be awesome, thanks! Here's another question, what did you (and others) study to be able to create stuff like that? Is it Java? Or something else?

it turns out that mail makes it really hard to access the recipient of a new mail message. I'll update here when I found a solution.

BTT is a combination of c, objective-c and swift (and various others), for accessing data in other apps it's easiest to use apple script