Create an automation for whatever application is opened

I am looking for a way to center every application that I open. I know that it can be created for specific applications through automation tab, but I am looking for more of global solution for every application.
Do you know if it's possible?


I don’t see a way to do this with BTT (but my BTT knowledge is pretty basic), but I know you can accomplish this with Keyboard Maestro. If you’re not able to find a solution here, let me know and I can help with a KM method.

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I asked for the same functionality a few days ago:

Andreas said it will implemented soon.

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I'll see if this actually helps me, anyway, thanks for the info!

I think you can achieve this with the current alpha of BTT already (4.296):

Create a "Specific App Did Launch" trigger in the "Automations, Named & Other Triggers" section. Don't select a specific app (so it will trigger for any launched app).
However an app being launched doesn't necessarily tell you its window has already loaded / been presented. That's why you should add the "Wait For Change Of Focused Window" action followed by your "Center Window" action (or custom move/resize for more specific size change).

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Works great with all "App did ..." triggers:

App did activate
App did deactivate
App did launch
App did terminate

Thanks Andreas to add this feature so fast!

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Thank you for the info! I will wait for it to get into stable version, and then will definitely try it.