Counter to repeat an action?

I need advice if it is possible to set a retry counter in actions. When I press the trigger on the touch bar to make it execute for example 50 times in a row. Thank you

You can repeat an action while holding the trigger.

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Thanks for replay. I understand that, but I'm not exactly in control. If I hold the trigger, how do I know how many times the action is executed?

Currently this is only possible by using one of the scripting options in BTT. Here an example that triggers a named trigger with the name "testTrigger" 30 times. To run this use the "Real Java Script" Predefined action".

(async ()=> {
for (let i=0; i<30;i++) {
    await callBTT('trigger_named_async_without_response', {trigger_name: 'testTrigger'});

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