Countdown timer (Pomodoro / Tomato) in Touch Bar

I'm having trouble installing the Tomato timer

I've got the icons (tomato, countdown number etc) appearing in the Touch Bar, but can't figure out what to do with the downloaded tomato.dms file. Where should it go? Do I start it from the terminal?

Ideally, a set of install instructions for non developers would be ideal.

You should ask the developer of tomato on the GitHub issue page of the project (this is a preset for BTT created by somebody)

did u figure it out?

yea did you figure this out? I am still looking for a simple pomodoro that one can insert into BTT. would be cool if like one could do a long hold or create another icon that, once clicked, allows one to see a graph or a "history" of previous usage.....would be awesome maybe if there was individual dates for each item in the "history"