Could you increase the max time of a key sequence?

@Andreas_Hegenberg If it is not too complicated to increase the max time of a key sequence to over 2s, then I would ask you to do so. I mean this

I am faced with a probably rare case where 2s is not enough. I have a large database in whose search field typing can be very delayed. The expansion of a text / words can take more than 2s, which is why the sequence does not work.

I think you can manually type a higher value when clicking on the number!

Mm, when I enter 5 and save the display goes back to 2.

can you try clicking one of the other boxes after changing it? I think it gets stored when the textfield loses focus

When I click into another box, the 5 remains, but when I save, close and reopen it, it says 2 again.

ah sorry, it seems to work for "Sequence duration must be greater than", but not for the max time between key presses.
I'll change it so it works there as well.

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Thank you @Andreas_Hegenberg . I have tried the new feature. Unfortunately it is very buggy. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. I couldn't find out what the problem is. Maybe you'll have time to look at it again sometime.

is the ui for saving buggy or the key sequence?
Do you have an example where such a long pause would be useful?

The Key Sequence ist buggy. I expand text. For example, btt space space = BetterTouchTool. 10 s is actually long, but that doesn't matter, it usually doesn't work with 5 s either.

And yes, I have also tested the sequence outside of this particular field. In a normal text app. The result is the same. Sometimes the text expands, sometimes not.

ah I see. Just checked the code, and noticed I clear the key sequence after the previous maximum 2 seconds delay for performance reasons.
I'll increase that to the maximum you set - problem is, this will affect all your key sequences and potentially have some impact on performance.

However I wonder, even if the textfield in your app responds very slowly, BTT should receive the key presses from the system instantly. It should not be necessary to "wait" for the textfield.

If longer than 2 s creates more problems than it might solve, then don't do it. Nobody but me needs it anyway. Otherwise 3 or 4 s would probably would be enough for me. :slightly_smiling_face:

I just tested it and think it will be fine if you don't go too high. 5 seconds should be fine, probably also 10.

Next alpha will contain the fix!

As always, thank you Andreas.

Seems to work very well. :slightly_smiling_face: