Corruption of Triggers, Crashing constantly. Anyone else? Any help

  1. Constant crashing / quitting

  2. In keyboard shortcuts, for example, after restarting the computer or restarting BTT I get these random triggers showing up shown below. The folders are the ones I've created, but the stuff outside the folders I didn't. It'slike they are leaking out of my triggers and coming into the root directory of triggers here. What the heck? I can't even use it!

do you have the experimental dropbox/icloud sync enabled? If so, try to disable it. I’m working on a better sync solution.

Thanks Andreas! I don't have sync enabled at all so it's really strange. Any other ideas? It's such a strange thing, I've had BTT for years now and never had this. I have been adding a lot of automations into the keyboard shortcuts area lately.

BTT is amazing. Thank you! Looking forward to 2.0!