Corner Click to activate actions


at the moment I use ab obsolete piece of software called CornerClick to make corners of the screen clickable in order to perform certain actions...

Bottom Left click opens LaunchPad....Bottom Right activates a BTT shortcut that hides all windows (my dependence on Windows-based shortcuts).

But CornerClick is...obsolete...and support is lacking...and the software is starting to show signs of diminished capacity (not the best way to say that but yes).

BetterTouchTool has the option of activating actions based on hovering over a corner....But hovering causes many issues....mistakenly activating an action without intending to simply because your mouse pointer touches the corner...this is a little impractical.

Please add the option of enablling a corner action on click only. This would prevent accidental activations....I know that there is an option to delay the action in seconds...but this isn't ideal. When I want launchpad to open...I want it to open now...immediately...I don't want to hover my mouse pointer in the corner while I wait seconds before it activates the action.

Thanks :slight_smile:

The continued updates make this app really awesome thanks for all the updates bro :slight_smile: