Copy / Pasting BTT Triggers as .json across Macs?

Since both Dropbox and iCloud sync have been proving to be a bit sketchy methods of syncing BTT settings across devices, I was looking for an alternative and recently stumbled across the option to copy/paste BTT triggers from a .json file - Which are really just text. Given that it is so easy to copy/paste text across Macs using the native Handoff feature, I was hoping I could just copy my BTT Triggers from one Mac to the other this way - Unfortunately, it did not work as expected. Copying the text into a new .json file first and trying to copy or drag that to BTT did not work either. Any clues? Thanks so much for this amazing Software and its continued support, and Happy Holidays!

omg - just found out that I can also just drag and drop BTT Triggers to my Desktop, AirDrop them, and drag them into my other Mac's BTT window! That's SO cool!