Copy/paste BTT Remote

Granted I’ve never developed for iOS and I’m sure there’s a million hoops to jump through. But it kinda seems like since the desktop client and the app are already talking, there could be some kinda of implementation where they share the clipboard manager. I’m sure this seems useless to most because Apple has handoff, but I often use BTT on my work laptop where I can’t sign into my iCloud. This would be a humongous time saver. I use LocalSend right now but it’s such a production to share the clipboard.

The problem is that on iOS this would only work while the BTT Remote app is running in foreground. But maybe still worth it, should be easy to add.

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That would seriously be amazing. Like I said having to open the remote before I copy something is still faster than opening LocalSend on both machines and waiting for sync. Besides, I’m a designer and when I’m working I often have btt remote open right next to my keyboard as a kind of faux touchbar with my most used Adobe actions up and waiting.

Actually speaking of which while I’ve got you I have a couple of quick questions:

  1. is there maybe some UI customization settings I'm not seeing on the phone? I’d much prefer some discreet buttons rather than bars that span the width of the screen. Kinda like how the media and modifier keys are set up on the left screen.

  2. I have the remote set to auto connect and not only does it not, I have to go into setting and uncheck then recheck the box every time to allow before my Mac will pop up on my phone. Is this a known thing with a fix?

  3. is there a reason updates require an admin password. You may not remember but I’m the guy who had to convince my IT department to let me run BTT Well I finally did but now I’m seeing I’m gonna have to put in a request and wade through all the red tape every time I want to update. I don’t even remember the initial download requiring admin, although the permissions did obv

Sorry about all the questions. Just answer what you feel like if any lol. And like I said I’m STOKED you’re considering the clipboard functionality. Would be a huge help. Also might make it worth it for other users who CAN use handoff if there was some added functionality like the the clipboard UI accessible in the remote that caches each time you sync. Probably much harder to implement but just a thought. Thanks again for everything you do. I couldn’t use my Mac without your software.

Okay I actually just answered the last one myself but it raises another question. It needs admin because it’s installed in /Applications instead of ~Users/me/Applications. See I put all my apps in my home folder to save the headache of going through IT all the time because you can’t make changes to /Applications without admin. Even my home brew is in my user folder lol. What a headache that was. Any way to get the installer to point to my user home folder?

Don't start with the old BTT Remote app. It hasn't been updated in years. The new one will hopefully be available soon.

If you don't have an admin account, best put BTT in your users's applications folder (so /YourUserName/Applications instead of /Applications) instead of the system application folder.

So that's how I have it set up, but the one in my system apps folder is still there and I think that's what's causing it.

And heard on the BTT app lol. No sweat. It still speeds up my design workflow tremendously so it's a win in my book