Copy BTT presets to new Mac

How can I copy my BTT presets, and, I hope, my preferences, from old Mac to new?

I'm moving to a Mac mini from an older Mac. I have the old Mac's files backed up. I can see that the .plist file contains stuff I created, but nothing shows up in BTT. I restarted BTT a few times.

I tried the steps in this 4-year old post, Copy Touch Bar Presets to new Mac User, but no result. BTT looks the same, no presets.

Have you tried to export the presets?

Good idea, but I don't have the old computer to use to export them.

I cloned its drive, though, so if the settings can be found on a Mac, I am guessing I should be able to find them on the cloned disk.

I can't boot from it, because I'm using a different kind of Mac now.

in that case copy these files:

~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool



(~ refers to your user directory, the library folder is hidden by default)