Copy and Paste Sequentially

I have found two Apple Scrips from "guxianbang" (thank you very much!) that do the following when run from BTT.

Explain it to me as if I were 6 years old (I, at least, understood immediately) :wink:

(1) Press Ctrl+C after selecting the first text, press “Ctrl+C after selecting the second text, press Ctrl+C after selecting the third text…

(2) After the copy step is completed, pressing Ctrl+V will automatically paste the first text, pressing Ctrl+V again will automatically paste the second text, and pressing Ctrl+V again will automatically paste the third text…

The two actions can be imported with the "Queue C&P" preset.
Queue C&P.bttpreset (5.6 KB)

The shortcuts can be changed as you like.

If you like it more elegant, copy the two actions into a separate preset that can be activated and deactivated. Then single key triggers are possible, eg copy = space, paste = enter.

@Andreas_Hegenberg I tried to create a button in the Notch Bar that shows if a preset is active or inactive (red, green), but I didn't succeed. Is there any way to do this?

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Allow me to kindly repeat my question :slightly_smiling_face:

Can BTT somehow indicate that a preset is active? Maybe in the Notch Bar or otherwise?

Thank you!

The easiest way would be to add a button to that preset, which will then only be shown if that preset is active. Does that work for your usecase?

Sorry, I don't know what you mean. Can you please explain it in more detail?

I mean adding a Notch Bar button to that new preset which has the title "The Name Of Your Preset" :slight_smile:

Yes, that is exactly what I want :slightly_smiling_face:

But how do I create this button? I see only these two actions for the presets. And neither of them seems useful to me as a visual indicator.

Maybe I misunderstand. I would just add a standard button like this:

That button should then be rendered whenever the Preset "Test" is active. Otherwise it should not show up.

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Ah :joy: of course, so simple. That works perfectly. Thank you very much!