Controller Support

Maybe a last year Christmas wish :innocent:

An integration of a Controller support for the most current Joysticks (PS4, XBox, Logitech Controller)? :smiley:

The idea came from something stupid, played a Steam game the other day and the controller support was not satisfying at all. There are programs out there that can associate a keyboard/mouse action to an controller button, but having it inside BTT with all its possibilities would be awesome! :smiley:

Happy new year to you all :wink:

I'm already working on arbitrary HID input device support, which will also include all kind of controllers. It's a bit hard to make this generic and still usable, but I'm on it.


Nice thanks a lot :smiley:

PS #bug-reports - exporting a preset won't save it since yesterday's update.

10.15.3 Beta (19D49f)
BetterTouchTool 3.216

It still seems to work here, does it save if you use a new name?
Otherwise could you check whether an exception is logged in the macOS console app?

(Alternatively please send the debug data via Help => Export Diagnostic Debug Info to, this will allow me to reproduce immediately)

Nope, doesn't work. Neither with another name, nor to another location. Mail is coming :+1:t4: Thanks a lot!

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I think it should be fixed in v3.217 alpha :slight_smile:

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Indeed :wink: Thanks a lot!

awesome news.
i just got an 8bitdo and was super disappointed that they don't have mapping software for the controller i got. (N30 Pro 2)

let me know if you need any testing.
Thanks so much Andreas - godspeed in 2020!

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I'm using a 3Dconnexion spacemouse which would be ridicolously configurable with the right customization environment, done right.

It's a miracle of a piece of engineering already, when using it in 3d apps. The first days if not weeks of using it is like learning to fly an F16 figher air plane with zero training. (hint: crash and burn)

Any news regarding this? :wink:

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Another vote for controller support in my most favourite utility app!

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Here's another vote for controller support.



I'd like to +1 this request. Not sure what the status is, but I think this could be a big selling point.

Just to whet your appetite: I currently own at least two USB devices (a Stanton DaScratch and a Logitech G13) that are bricked due to discontinued software support on my mac. A few hundred dollars in equipment that I could be using to increase my workspace productivity, essentially flushed. I would absolutely give you more of my money if you could create/incorporate a function into BetterTouchTool that would allow me to once again utilize these currently useless devices. (And, of course, my SpaceMouse Wireless) This feature could potentially open you up to a much wider market โ€“ people who want to efficiently use old gaming/input devices that are no longer supported.

Anyhoo, the money that I gave you is probably the best value-for-dollar that I've ever received for a productivity tool. You're doing fantastic, so thank you!


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Hey @Andreas_Hegenberg. On Windows I use REWASD with an Xbox Controller + Microsoft Keyboard attachment and it is fantastic. I can fully control my windows PC with it due to the ability to configure multiple layout modifier keys. So in case you're still working on adding controller support, do give REWASD a try to see how they do things when it comes to configuration/features. Many thanks.

Another vote for controller support. I use Tangent Element panels, and currently i'm able to map some things but not others. The Streamdeck support is for a bigger market, but Tangents are popular in video/color/retouching studios.

Just to make sure everybody knows: The recent feature Generic Device Support, while still a bit rough around the edges, does allow us to create mappings for game controllers already now, at least for those of us who don't mind tinkering around with JavaScript a bit.

Everybody is encouraged to share their works, and the tag #generic-devices can be used in forum searches to find related postings.

Hey, is that app already out, after 3 years in making? Because I kind of have a thing coming up this week, and the ability to control my mac with a controlled would really help me out.

Funny how I can use my midi-keyboard to control my pc, but not a gamepad.

Does this still work? I've tried it with a DualShock 4 controller and I can get it to show up in the list and it filled in all the vendor ID stuf, but when I try to Parse Device Input/Output nothing shows up in the window, I've followed the video Generic Devices ยท GitBook, but I don't see any additional steps to debug something when it is not working. Any tips?