Context Menu trigger fails if first Context Menu has sub-options...

... or maybe it is only due to Sublime Text's Context menus when they have sub-options but, here's the thing:

  1. I've a Button triggering context menu option like so (1);(3). This doesn't work, even the first Context Menu Item has 3 suboptions.
  2. Also (2) does not work, if the first (1) Context Menu option has suboptions, It works, if the first has no suboptions.
  3. Also if the first option has no suboptions, this works (1) - but that fails if the first Context Menu has suboptions

I wanted to test it in other apps but could not find any that produces suboptions for the first Context Menu item.
Only the App sublime text does when triggering context within the edit area when xDebug is active.

There must be other apps where we could test this?

Does anyone see the same, and could we fix it?

A few images explaining it better. Copy File Path or (8) in this case doesn't trigger.


Issue when first option has suboptions
Bildschirmfoto 2020-02-08 um 01.50.40

No issue if first issue has no suboptions
Bildschirmfoto 2020-02-08 um 01.55.44

You are right, I can not trigger any context menu items in Sublime. I'll have a look.

For now maybe you can chain multiple keyboard actions with some delays, e.g. this seems to work for me (although it might require one of the current alphas as I improved the delay option a bit). For some reason a double right arrow is needed to enter the submenu.

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However I think you can trigger the xdebug functions via the "Trigger Menubar Menu Item" action (Tools;Xdebug;Set watch expression) - or assign a shortcut via system preferences => keyboard => shortcuts => app shortcuts

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Yes, I use the menu meanwhile as well because the context menu thingy got a bit unstable when that first option had sub options

I forgot to add that to my report, sorry - I feared it might happen anywhere else too but it seems it’s just sublime text (and for me only if the first option has actually sub options).

I can live with it.
The copy file path context menu cannot :joy:

I believe this option lived only in that context menu?
I’ll check again today - with the delays you mention this should be possible to workaround.

Hello, just found this thread.

I have similar problem with the context menu with smileBeda. I am using the Zotero app.

The difference between smileBeda and me is that the trigger fails in Zotero even there is not sub-option for that menu.


OK now this gets problematic for me, because while most context menus can be triggered by either key codes or menus, this one cannot.
I am speaking of PHP CS (code sniffer) for Sublime Text.
It has only context menu triggers for the "Beautify" option.

Thus, I am not able right now to create a button that lets me beautify code with the BTT - as the context menu is in a sub-sub menu, all it does it opens the main context menu but from there, does not navigate to the sub-sub menu to trigger the beautify command.

The keyboard command after right click (arrow right, down, right etc) is a mess. It does not trigger the proper submenu for example when a previous sub menu is inactive (which it is sometimes and sometimes not), and thus not a viable solution either.

We would really need a targeted (1);(3);(5) method as suggested by BTT but currently not working in sublime context-menu with sub-items.

@Andreas_Hegenberg any chance we can have this fixed?