Context menu item name trigger failing when using || option

Describe the bug
I have an action that uses the "multiple names" context menu item trigger like this:

  • Normal Mouse
    • Option + Rightclick
      • Trigger Context Menu Item
        • Save Image As…||Save Video As…

When I Option+Rightclick on an image or video in Firefox, nothing happens. However, when I change the command path to just "Save Image As…" or "Save Video As…", it works just fine. (But only for a single type of element, of course.)

This definitely used to work, I don't think I changed anything. But I'm on the latest version that my license allows (4.155) and it's not working.

Affected input device (e.g. MacBook Trackpad, Magic Mouse/Trackpad, Touch Bar, etc.):

  • Logitec MX Vertical Advanced
  • Kinesis Freestyle Pro external keyboard


Device information:

  • Type of Mac: MBP M1
  • macOS version: Sonoma 14.1.2
  • BetterTouchTool version: 4.155
  • Firefox 121.0

Additional information (e.g. crash logs, related issues, etc.):
If this is a known issue that's been fixed, that's fine. I guess I'll have to upgrade my license, or downgrade to a working version. But on the off chance that I'm doing something wrong, or there's a known workaround, I thought I'd open this topic.

Bumping this. Have I found a bug, or am I doing it wrong? Is any more info needed to identify what's going on?

Another bump. The behavior still hasn't changed. Can anybody else confirm whether this is working for them, please?

I have no idea. Does that mean the name of the menu changes but the position stays the same? If so, try position (2) or (3).

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, the menu position is completely different. So item index isn't an option. Is this feature of alternate menu item titles working for you? And which version are you on?

I don't use that :slightly_smiling_face:

Without having tested it ... the rather inelegant workaround could be "insert Text by typing" (the name of the menu) and then enter.

I was hoping you could give it a try to see? :slight_smile: I only have the one setup, so all I know is it doesn't work for me. If it's also broken for others, then it's a more general bug that the developer will have to fix. Hopefully as a priority, since AFAICT it's a regression.

Thanks for the alternative suggestion. My workaround at present is to use one of the two items and manually do the other one. I suppose I could also set up two actions to different triggers, one for each menu item.

Is "Save Video As..." a standard functionality of Firefox? Do you have an example website where it appears?

I tried with "Save Image As…||Save Page As…" instead, which seems to work fine.

If the "save video as" is coming from an extension, it's possible it is not available via the API BTT needs to use, or is added "too late". It's possible this changed with some Firefox version

Hi Andreas! Pretty sure "Save Video As…" is built in, you can see it when you right-click on an embedded MP4, such as on this site.

Good suggestion to try different items. I tried "Save Image As…||Save Page As…" as well, and that's also not working for me on 4.155. Do you think it's likely that the behavior changed between that release and the latest one? I'm not opposed to paying for another license, but I would like to have a hope of the feature working after doing so. :slight_smile:

I can see that there is a change between 4.155 and the current version in the code that handles the || operator, however I'm not sure whether / how it affects this.
Maybe try upgrading to the latest version (you should get a new trial period). Before doing so create an export of your preset (or backup the ~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool folder -- go there via Finder => Go => Go to Folder, make sure to include the ~) then you can easily downgrade later (old versions can be accessed via Index of /releases ).

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Thanks for the suggestion. I've installed 4.403. Unfortunately… Opt-Rightclick now doesn't work at all. The context menu doesn't even open. :slightly_frowning_face: I've tried it in Safari as well, and I'm seeing the same behavior.

When I instead try to execute Cmd-Rightclick (with Opt-Rightclick still selected as the trigger) the menu opens. But when I then switch the trigger to Cmd-Rightclick, the menu stops opening on Cmd-Righclick. Instead, Opt-Rightclick starts working again. Of course, since the trigger is on the other event, I still can't tell if the || option is working.

So I guess I have the same question now: am I the only one seeing this? And am I right that the Modifier-Rightclick trigger should work in this scenario?

FTR, I have a Logitec MX Vertical Ergonomic mouse. But I wouldn't expect that to be the problem, since the trigger worked as expected using 4.155.

Very strange, it's working fine here - even with a logitech mouse.
However I'm on the current alpha version (4.411) and macOS 14.3.1 - should not make a difference, but who knows.

Very strange! I'll try a macOS upgrade tonight and see what happens.

The BTT alpha might be more relevant than the macOS update in this case

Oh, interesting. I just noticed this in the menu:

I expect that's the reason that the trigger isn't doing anything. I assume the reason it's disabled is because "the trial has ended":

So it looks like I may not be able to test the alpha (or even recent prod) release after all.

A bit more information: I am certain that this used to work. I used it for many months. However, I just went back to the very first version in the releases/ directory you posted before, from 2020-02-01, and the || operator also isn't working there. Either side of the operator works individually, but neither works once the || branch is added.

I don't know if this makes it more or less likely that the alpha (or indeed just some newer version of BTT) would solve the problem.

If it worked on older macOS systems < 14 the alpha might help - there was a big change in macOS 14 related to context menus and menu items in general.
If it worked on macOS 14 for you, then maybe the alpha will not help - then probably a change in Firefox broke it.

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