Consider creating a dictation action

Hi - just noticed that the dictation action (the mode that transforms spoken words into text, not siri) is not present on the list - would you reconsider creating one?

On macOS, you can use the built in dictation (doublet tap fn if it's activated). Just change the shortcut and/or assign it directly as a BTT action!

Whoa, somehow I forgot that I can reassign this in system preferences :slight_smile: Thanks. But still, perhaps Andreas will find it useful and implement it if opportunity comes :wink:

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I second that feature request. My reasons:

  • "Ask Siri" is already a preset, yet has its own keyboard shortcut by the system. So no loss of consistency.
  • The standard keyboard shortcuts (fn-fn or cmd-cmd) aren't easily configured as action – (fn down - fn up)x2 does not work, might need pauses, which would turn this into a seven-action monster.
  • Changing the default shortcut is possible, but could result in confusion, e.g. when BTT preferences are synced but macOS keyboard shortcuts aren't.

Thanks for considering.

Agreed, this would be an awesome feature to have!