Consider adding searchable shortcuts

Simplifying and forgetting the rest,

a simple search box than can take us to the specifyed shortcut will do.

I have 46!!! pages (on the exported pdf) and growing worth of shortcuts. Too much time spent moving the gypsy family around and trying to organise the settlement; normally I know what I'm searching for... just want to get there without the endless scrolling.

Thank you very much Andreas =)

Edit to make title easier to understand; also added image with a mockup curtesy of Benjamin Wagner aka blizzrdof77 :point_left:


I'm working on custom webView that'll allow to do it... But yeah built in solution would be great :slight_smile:


Any progress on that @Worie

Oh, sorry I kinda abandoned this one, however If there's still intrest in that I might sit to it :slight_smile: Unless @Andreas_Hegenberg wanted to implemt it in the new UI, perhaps?

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< to ignore > Don't understand why this has only 4 votes. Hope this is in the pipeline for a future update. </ to ignore >

Only a few seconds after I posted above text I found the search function in the new GUI. Why is it only available in one view and not the other? Please make the search available in both views.

Signed up to post this.

I have a decent amount of shortcuts (from having used BTT for around 4 years). Every time I need to make changes, I have to spend 20-45 seconds to find the shortcut I'm looking for.

Even more so, the more shortcuts you add, the more time you have to spend manually looking for them.

There are other users who have two or three times as many shortcuts as me, for which this results in even more time spent looking for shortcuts. There are so many advanced features in BTT. Why isn't there a basic search function?

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Better touch tool is also for easy shortcuts. But you can not search the shortcuts..?
Reported >3 years ago..
Almost everytime I go to BTT Settings I'm disappointed that I can not search my shortcuts!
IMO it's a must for this app.

Only a few seconds after I posted above text I found the search function in the new GUI.

whatwhatwhat.. where is it? I searched the settings app and the Documentation ("Keyboard", "Shortcuts") --> nothing

There is currently no good search, the only search is in the standard view but only searches the currently active context:

However I plan to introduce a searchable overview section, which displays all type of triggers from all apps in a big searchable list.


ok, found it: only in the column mode !
And yes: only text is not enough, for this app a shortcut search is important.
Maybe like in Visual Studio Code with this option?:

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Also shortcut cmd+f is not working in BTT view to jump to search area - surprise - feel like easter egg from you <3 :smiley:

I would add that I only use BTT in list view and there doesn't seem to be a way to search from there. In fact, because of that I didn't even know search was possible. Seems like adding it to list view would be a quick way to add value to that part of the user base.

EDIT: Having tried it just now I am confused. It doesn't seem to pick up on Notes or the Action Name. So it's very limited as it stands. I must have close or over 1000 actions now across all different categories / and dozens of apps. Hopefully a search feature is in the works, it's getting pretty crazy even though I try hard to keep it organized.