Connecting Airpods Max with Aquatouch Button.

Hi @yuuiko

I recently picked up a pair of Airpods Max. Can the Bluetooth connecting button in the control centre section be modified to include an icon for Airpods Max pls? not a big deal but would be nice.


dayum, what icon is it? not sure if I can because i need some IDs for it too though

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I don't have a particular icon in mind, just either a general over-ear headphone icon or if apple has an icon, then that one.

didnt apple have an icon for it in macos

yep it does but idk how to get it

chuck a screenshot i should be able to recreate it myself

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airpods icon

also, the anc button doesn't work for AirPods max. happy to do some testing for you if you want to fix it.

smol bump

yeah seen sorry, i've been pretty busy with college work ahaha

trying to find the time to brush off and relearn how the widget works

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any update?

my time is being really sapped with a big project rn sorry ahahahaaaaaaaaaaa helppppp

could you try head to:


and find the ProductID for AirPods Max?

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I don't understand how to find the product id in

also won't this code just display the AirPods Pro icon? cant we have the AirPods max icon I sent above?

i need the product ID of the airpods max to sense weather the bluetooth thing is an airpods max, then i can display the icon.

I can't find the product ID because i've never connected an airpods max before

head to finder and hit cmd shift G, then put in /Library/Preferences/

open that file with xcode if you have it then you should be able to try find the airpods max and its details... though i'm not sure if you have xcode

do u think this is it?

Seems familliar, there should be a big list with details about all your paired bluetooth items. You should be able to find an item with your airpods max name, battery level and such inside along with product id

this is what comes up (all bro down boxes expanded). note that my beats are there, not my AirPods max.

also, just wanted to say, great job on the new aqt update!

that video quality is really bad, but my point is that the AirPods aren't there :thinking:


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