Connect Midi Bluetooth Device - Improvements

I use several bluetooth midi devices at the same time.
The main problem with all bluetooth midi devices is that they loose the bluetooth connection with the mac very often.

So the best improvement for bluetooth devices would be the option of re-connecting devices if these devices looses the connection.
This re-connection should be perfect if no window is opened, no notification is shown, etc.
I mean that the best improvement should be to make the re-connection in silence, in a smart way, to avoid disturbing the user while working.

The second improvement is related to the connection of the device.
Every time we connect the device, the best workflow would be:
1- Open the midi device bluetooth pairing/signal
2- Trigger BTT action that opens the Midi Bluetooth Device Window and automatically connects the device of the step 1
3- Once the device is connected, close the midi bluetooth window and launch a HUD overlay showing something like "the name of the device" + "Connected"
4- If the device doesn't connect after x seconds, keeps the window opened and launch a dialog saying somethig like "the name of the device" + "is not connected"
Step 1 is outside the box, and step 2 is already a feature of BTT.
The improvement only refers to the steps 3 and 4.

These 2 changes would be great for working with midi bluetooth devices: Smart and fast way to connect the device, and once is connected, it will always be connected thanks to the re-connection feature.