Conflicts with three finger gestures

I have three finger drag turned ON on macos. Now when I try to use three finger swipe triggers from BTT, it conflicts with drag. So I tried to use modifier keys plus three finger gesture, but still drag is in action..

Next I tried two finger gestures with modifier keys but now native two finger gestures conflicts with BTT gestures.

Any workaround?

sorry, there is no workaround for this (I’d recommend to use double tap to drag instead)

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Thank you for sharing and helping.

One more and last doubt :
Suppose I set 5 finger swipe up for work "A"
Now I set cmd+5 finger swipe up for work "B"

This results into bumping of work A and B into one another is that correct?

no, the first would be executed if no modifier key is pressed, the second one would be executed when cmd is pressed. So there wouldn't be a conflict.

Ok thank you sir, this will help me for things I was not able to do earlier.