Conflict with browser extension - mouse gesture

I use a Firefox extension called Gesturefy, a mouse gesture add-on which provides rocker gestures (BTT does not afaik).
With all BTT versions more recent than 3.741, Gesturefy does not work any more, likely superseded by BTT.

Input device: standard mouse
Device info: Mac mini M1, macOS Monterey 12.4
BetterTouchTool versions: all > 3.741 build 1883

Additional info:
I tried the basic stuff like relaunching the app and browser, rebooting, to no avail. I tried forcing higher priority on all Firefox processes (renice command), did not work either. Found no relevant output in console logs.
I have remained on BTT 3.741 for a while now, it all works fine and dandy, still thought i'd let you know of this bug.
Many thanks for this fantastic and indispensable software!