conflict between btt and logi options settings?


I'm using BTT and logi options(with mx master2s) together.

In logi options, I customized gesture button as follows.

#1 gesture button + up = Mission Control
#2 gesture button + down = Open applications (Alfred4)
#3 gesture button + left = Desktop (left)
#4 gesture button + right = Desktop (right)

In this case, #1 & #2 work well. But #3 and #4 don't work.
If I quit BTT, then #3 and #4 work well.
And if I assign other options on #3 and #4, they work well together with BTT on. (e.g. volume up/down... etc.)
Only move to desktop left and right options are not working.
(I don't have any settings of Magic Mouse, Normal Mouse in BTT configuration.)

This is really annoying me and I'd like to resolve this issue.

Please help!

Thank you!