Configuration window appears out of the blue

I have not had this issue since the workaround was introduced.
I still was on 3.553 - updating to 3.560 now.


I'm using the Setapp version and still getting the window popping up randomly. It seems that this is resolved in 3.560, but Setapp is still on 3.553 several months later. Is there an update coming soon? I understand that things take a little longer to come through Setapp, but it's been a couple of months now, and this is a significant issue for me when I'm screensharing to teach class remotely.

I am also having this issue. Running BTT 3.562 and Golden Chaos 3.562, on Big Sur 11.3.1 on a MBP 16" 2019. Sometimes I will discover 4x identical config panes sitting on top of each other, and have to kill all four. I will try the terminal command now, but whatever is causing the bug is still happening. Could be total coincidence, but often seems to happen after I've mirrored my screen to a TV via HDMI and a USB-C adapter.

Hi! For me this has been happening sporadically in 3.561 (every couple of days). Just now, it happened after using Cmd-Tab to switch to an app that was in another space (another desktop). As soon as the other space came up, the preferences window popped up (it was closed beforehand — BTT was started automatically as one of my "Login Items", with "hidden" not checked). I don't have BTT assigned to any particular space, nor do I have anything bound to Cmd-Tab. This is on Big Sur (11.4). I'll try the terminal command, thank you!

I upgraded from Mojave to 11.4 last weekend and this immediately started to happen. I am running BTT 3.570.

I find that it does not happen if I am not using the computer as I haven't woke up to find the BTT config window open in the morning (my computer stays awake during the night).

I have also had issues with high CPU usage (which I'd never had before), which I can only fix by force quitting BTT.

Additionally, I've had an issue with not being able to move tabs around, as the tab will get "stuck" under my mouse pointer once I pick it up and it will not let go unless I press Esc. (must restart BTT to fix)

One more thing: I have BTT set to invert scroll wheel, but since upgrading it may sometimes take a couple of seconds before it will honour that configuration. I suspect this is tied to moments with high CPU usage. but can't say for sure.

This happens to me as well.

I'm on big sur 11.5.2 with BTT version 3.57

@Andreas_Hegenberg does the default write solution above applies to 3.570 or do we still need the 3.532 alpha?

(I’m a bit late to the party but been having this problem as well)

yes the solution works for all recent BTT versions, you don’t need the alpha.

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@Andreas_Hegenberg this solution however prevents BTT’s config screen from being shown (either through a shortcut/launching the app) when the menu bar icon is set to be hidden.

No big deal though, just wanted to mention it.

Don't know if it's of any help to anyone, but I thought I'll just put it out there:
I did have the same issue and it was fixed by applying the defaults ... command posted above.
A few months back I decided to reinstall Big Sur from scratch and with regards to BTT I only imported my old user configuration.
I have not had an unintended config window popup since and I completely forgot about the issue.
Checking via

defaults read com.hegenberg.BetterTouchTool BTTDontShowPrefsOnReopen

I get an error "The domain/default pair of (com.hegenberg.BetterTouchTool, BTTDontShowPrefsOnReopen) does not exist", so apparently the key is not present.

It looks like this issue might be caused by some old macOS or BTT artifact.


I finally remembered to run a log show --debug right after the config window appears, and it seems to be related to something about runningboardd, whatever that is...

I had to rename the file to .html, because apparently .txt and .log are not allowed?

EDIT: In hindsight, I should've put <pre></pre> around it.

bttrelaunch-redacted.html (8.3 MB)

I started having this issue recently, version 4.139

I finally found this thread again. I just want to document how this issue has continued to haunt me 2+ yeas later:

2021-06 : This is when the issue originally appeared for me, after upgrading to Mojave on my 2017 MBP (as per my old comment on this thread).

2022-01 : I got a new 2021 MBP and fresh installed every single app / manually transferred files. It appeared the issue was resolved.

2023-02 : The issue returned. I actually documented it's resurgence here while trying to troubleshoot what might have been an unrelated issue. I guess this might mean that for those who have this, reformating is only a temporary fix.

I can confirm that Andreas's terminal workaround does stop BTT from popping up, but results in two other more problematic issues:

1.) The current window of whatever app you are running will loose focus whenever the preferences pane would've popped up. This means you may be typing something or interacting with something, and then suddenly loose all input. This is very annoying because without the preferences pane showing, the loss of input can go unnoticed for a few moments.

2.) Shortcuts invoking the BTT preferences will no longer work (I am constantly adding/changing things in BTT and have the preferences mapped to one of my mouse buttons, so it is a significant loss for me).

For me currently the BTT preferences will pop up anywhere from 5-20 times during the course of a 10 hour workday. I can't live without BTT so even if it was happening 200 times per day I would still continue on using BTT without question lol. That said I dream of the day this will cease to be an issue.

@proactivematter I currently assume it is some other app that tries to open BTT, but unfortunately I don't think there is a way for me to log which app triggered it ;-(

Can you maybe think of anything you installed right before it started happening again?

I don't think it is happening on vanilla macOS installations (and has never happened on any of my systems). Maybe you could send a list of running apps that I can look through.

I can't recall if I made any changes at the time, but I don't feel I did.

I've considered whether it might have something to do with Streamdeck, but I have seen it happen when both my Streamdecks are disconnected.

I've also considered whether it may have had something to do with the shortcut to open BTT that I have set up on my Logitech G604 Mouse, but I have also tested removing that shortcut from the mouse and it still happens as well.

It happens when I am not touching or even using the computer. In fact every morning when first sit down to use it, the BTT preferences pane will be open.

I just sent you a list of running apps from Activity Monitor by email, copied immediately after the Preferences popped up again.

Thanks again for taking a look into this.

StreamDeck is an interesting idea. Can others here in the thread confirm whether they also have the Elgato StreamDeck software installed?

I don't. (I don't own a StreamDeck)
But I also have not experienced this issue for months.

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FWIW I also never owned a stream deck when I was experiencing this issue, and also have not encountered the problem in months. I did apply the terminal command that was suggested.

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I have found one potential cause for the issue, which is mitigated in the 4.275 alpha. Unfortunately I still don't know whether that was the main cause for the issue ;-(

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