Config lost after upgrading to 2.724

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg , just wanted to let you know that I've lost my config after bumping the version up to 2.724 (I don't know what version I've been on before).

I'll restore it from backups, so don't worry but I just wanted to let you know that there could be something that may cause it in real release cycle.


BTT creates a backup before every update, so in case you don't have a recent one let me know.

I will be adding a UI to restore the automatic BTT backups, so this process will get easier.

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Alright, sounds great! Do I have to just rename the BTT backup that I want to use to btt_data_store.v3 and two other files with proper suffixes and it should work? AFAIR that was the process, but It's not working for me for some reason :thinking:

No, btt_data_store.v3 is an older one.
You need to rename the latest backup to


thanks - now everything works. One thing that I might note that could cause the config loss, is the fact that I had internet connection issues and everything was downloading pretty slow... I don't really think this could be the reason, but that's the only thing that comes to my mind, that was "unusual"

Still, I have my config back. Thanks for your support!

BTT shouldn't need internet for anything, but I'll look into that. Only thing I could think of that happens before the data model migration is an online update-check, but even if that fails it shouldn't cause such an issue. But who knows, I'll check that.

Hi again, I don't have that much time recently to participate in forum life, however - I have once again lost my config, this time - without updating. It happened when my Mac was really having a hard time (probably some memory leak or process that did not die in time) and two things happened:

-> BTT lagged and "CMD" button was stuck in "pressed" state (I had troubles with killing BTT process because of that) I suppose I have some actions that triggers it but I don't really think this is the main issue here.
-> I've restarted my PC - and once logged back, BTT config was lost. I've restored it from backup as in previous responds

I've sent you my debug info, perhaps you'll find something there.


Thank you! I think I'm seeing one suspicious log statement. I'll investigate :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Just FYI, it happened few days ago, but I didn't have time to report back then.