Conditional Visibility for Floating Menu for File-Save As Window

I want to hide my floating menu when using the File->Save As... window:
e.g. The Excel save-as

Since this window type does not have a window title, how can I set the conditional visibility so the floating menu is not shown? The settings below do not hide the floating menu even when "Only show on windows with window buttons" is checked.

Thank you in advance.

I don't want to tell you something that you have probably already checked, but does the “Visible Windows Viewer” not show the window at all?


Thanks for suggesting.
AFAIMA, there is no usable parameter to identify the "File-Save As" window when it is the active window.

Screenshot 2024-06-18 at 16.56.57

For Visible Window View, there will be related window names for Excel, such as "Microsoft Excel - Save - 0" or "Microsoft Excel - About - 0", etc. However, by using this method, I will have to use numerous conditions to hide the floating menu for Excel because there are many exceptions in Excel that the BTT's conditional visibility cannot manage.

Mm, do you open the “save” window with a shortcut? Then you could also use it to hide the menu. But then you have to show it manually.

Thanks again.
The method you suggest is probably a bit overly complicated and not applicable when there are other windows in Excel (or other apps) that BTT's conditional visibility cannot handle.
Currently, the workaround I use is to assign a shortcut key to hide the floating menu whenever conditional visibility doesn't work. But I hope to hear from others, too.

I'll check why the default options don't work for the save dialog!