Conditional Actions based on current (window) state

It would be nice to have actions that are triggered conditionally based on e.g. the current state of the window. To make it more concrete I will explain my current issue:

I want to move a window with a trackpad gesture to another monitor and keep the same state of the window. In my case the state is: Window is fullscreen: YES/NO

Scenario 1 - Window is fullscreen: YES

Scenario 2 - Window is fullscreen: NO

The solution above is working fine. The only issue here is that I have to use two different gestures for the same concern. Since both scenarios are excluding each other (first scenario is only working for fullscreen windows and second scenario is only working for non-fullscreen windows), it would be nice to only have one gesture: if fullscreen mode is YES, take scenario 1, else scenario 2.

This could also be very helpful for "toggle-able actions" like: If window is maximized, make it 50% size, else maximize.

You could take this even further to allow conditional actions based on other states (beside of window state).

(Since I couldn't find anything on google or the search here I assumed this feature is not existing)