Computer Screen Freeze after waking up from sleep

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Describe the bug

Hi there! I currently use a macbookpro w/ touchbar 2017 model, and for some reason, Whenever bettertouchtool is on, my screen freezes for 5 seconds when I enter my password after waking my computer from sleep mode. I really want this to be fixed, and if it can be fixed, I will use Bettertouchtool and the goldenchaos preset forever. But in the meantime, I am going to use other apps. Please fix as soon as possible. (I do know that apparently this issue was fixed a while ago, however, for me at least this bug is still happening)

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  • Type of Mac: macbook pro w/ touchbar 2017
  • macOS version: Mojave (10.14)
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Here is some evidence from me playing Minecraft. If you watch the video, you can clearly see that despite the lag, there is a screen freeze that happens when I rapidly left click and move my mouse. I belive that this is related to the computer freezing for 3 seconds after waking it up from sleep.

This is the link to both videos on google drive:


This does occur for me as well. It's a slight second where I see BTT loading itself on the TouchBar before computer is useable -- probably large CPU spike.

3.178 alpha (available in a few minutes) now enables a new "no restart after sleep" option. Let's see how that works :slight_smile: (check for alpha updates)

3.178 works BEAUTIFULLY. Thank you so much for fixing this issue. I will use btt for the rest of my life. again, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

actually, I have found out that over a long period of time, btt will restart and cause a screen freeze. However for a short period of time, btt will always stay and not cause a screen freeze whenever I wake up my computer from sleep

my version is 3.202.
But screen freeze is still happening. :cry:

You are right. An older version between the the last post and this post did not cause a screen freeze however, it is completely gone now D;