Computer Overheats When Usign Aqua Touch. Please help

I am using the aquatouch preset on Catalina and I notice that my computer is overheating a lot the last few days. Today, it was overheating while I wasn't even using it. I opened up the activity monitor and Bettertouch tool is using the most cpu. I don't have the dropbox syncing feature activated. Can someone please help me figure out what to do?

could you try the latest alpha version of BTT? It fixes an issue with macOS 11.5.x

Are you referring to version 3.571? I will try it out and see how it goes.

it should be 3.572

After installing the update, Bettertouchtool actually doesn't work at all if I try turning on any of the presets I downloaded. It quits as soon as I click the checkmark. I tried each preset and it quits for each one.

Also try my AquaTouch Beta 2

I have fixed a few more things with this build:

It's working again. Thanks @Andreas_Hegenberg .

@yuuiko I will try the AquaTouch Beta 2

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