Completed disable the left side of the Touch Bar?

Hey guys.

I'm new to the whole Touch Bar setup. I love my new MacBook (16" pro) but I press the left hand side of the Touch Bar ALL THE TIME while programming and it opens other files, or scrolls to the bottom of the current file and other annoyances.

I'm trying to learn not to touch it, but it's getting very annoying.

What would be awesome is:

  • If someone knows how I can completely disable (turn off) the Touch Bar for specific applications (maybe only activate with a modifier key?)
  • Same, but only the left side

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

You could create a Conditional Activation group (using the plus button on the bottom left corner) with conditions any of the following true. Then I would add two buttons sticking to the right, one opening a group with personalized actions using the whole Touch Bar, the other using only half of it. To achieve this second group I would add a button to it, hit space to name it and set the background color to black. Then you wouldn't see it on the Touch Bar. Make it stick to the right edge of the touchbar. Set the "Free Space after button" to your desired free space (something around 300px maybe?), and then feel free to add any other actions you like :slightly_smiling_face:

I personally recommend also to set a trackpad action to toggle the Touch Bar (such as a two finger force click This allows you to display the native Touch Bar by using this trackpad gesture, and display your preset again once you use it again.