Community Web/Forum: composer doesn't show "code" icon even though it's available

In this box I'm typing right this minute, there are at the top icons for Bold and Italic and quoting and links and lists and smiley faces... but not for code aka monospaced font. Seeing as this is a technical forum, and people constantly post filenames and paths and other little snippets, it might be nice to be able to type them in as monospaced text like on, for example, StackExchange.

Now, clearly this feature DOES exist and can be used just like on SE, namely, by enclosing things in backquotes (the symbol under the ~ on US keyboards). But nobody knows that, because there's no icon (and no help, at least not available off the Compose box). How about adding one?

It's probably even built in to whatever forum software this thing is using. (Looks like it's Discourse? Here's a plugin that might be relevant.) Thanks.