[community.folivora.ai] Direct-link to forum login?

Direct link to "login with..." on BTT forums and other forum sites?

  • I'm moving to using 1password as my general bookmark manager. It's scriptable, usable from cli, syncs, auto-backups, auto-logins, creates in-line 2FA
  • I'm writing a small script that when launched, asynchronously logs me in/out from sites tagged [autologin] in 1p. This makes it so that when I work on my desktop mac I'm always logged in to all the sites I use, in all browsers. When screensaver starts, logs out.
  • Using it with Alfred Workflows, it can be scripted, so that "1p sitex term" can open site "sitex" and search for "term" - even if not logged in to the site, it logs in first.

But sites who use "login with github" and "login with google" et cetera, require mouse interaction or otherwise needs to be scripted. I was hoping to avvoid using e.g. SikuliX since it takes a while to dispatch.

Is it possible to get a permalink to the "Login with Github" for the btt forum site?

this might work:


Unfortunately only takes me to my github page :confused: (on github)

What is the name of the login-provider solution you are using for this site? I can ask over there for a more general solution :slight_smile:

the forum software is called discourse and its integrated github oauth support: https://meta.discourse.org/t/configuring-github-login-for-discourse/13745

  • I posted in #support on their forums back in september asking for this but go no repy.
  • I bump'ed my own post just now.

If I still get no reply and you are a [paying?] customer/user, I'd be very grateful for any info you might get.

You can if you want just share with them the link to my original question: https://meta.discourse.org/t/direct-link-permalink-to-e-g-login-with-github/127916

Unfortunately I'm just a free user of their open source software :slight_smile:
However the latest reply in their thread might help: https://community.folivora.ai/auth/github