Command + D not working

Hi there.

I'm new to BetterTouchTool and I was trying to map command + D on the touchbar to enable me to mute the microphone in Google Meet (within Chrome). It didn't work. But command + E on a button did work to turn the camera on and off.
As well as that, command + D didn't work on the keyboard. The only way I could make it work was by Quiting BetterTouchTool - any ideas?

Also, I can't see how to add touchbar buttons to the standard bar for an app - they seem to 'overwrite' the standard bar if I add any buttons. The only way round it I have found is to have a button on the touchbar to open the BetterTouchTool bar but then that's an extra press that I don't really want to have to do. What am I doing wrong?


You can either have the BetterTouchTool Touch Bar or the default Touch Bar. Both at the same time is not possible.

Unfortunately I don't know about your cmd+d problem. I don't have Google Meet, but it should work by just adding a Touch Bar button like this:

Thanks Andreas

The trouble with Command+D is that BetterTouchTool seems to prevent it happening on the keyboard without me adding it to the Touchbar

Have you added it to the keyboard tab in BTT? (You shouldn't)

No :frowning: Even with a vanilla BTT, the shortcut does not work

I don't think that's possible :frowning:
BTT doesn't influence keyboard shortcuts unless you configure them in BTT.

If possible go to the about tab in BTT and click the "export debug information" button. This will create a folder called BetterTouchToolDebug on your Desktop. Would be great if you could send that to then I'll look into your config.

You have configured a cmd+d shortcut for Google Chrome and assigned no action:

Removing that should fix the issue.