Command Click / Command Shift Click doesnt work

I've tried to map 3 finger tap to command click so that I can use it to open safari links on a new tab, but it doesn't work. Previously it worked just fine. It also seems option and command shift click doesn't work either. Feedback would be much appreciated!

Mac: Macbook pro 2018 13inch model
Bettertouchtool version: 2.608
OS version: Mojave 10.14 Beta

There hasn't been a change to this and it seems to work fine here. I'd first try to update BTT to the latest version ,if that doesn't help try restarting your machine.

Be sure that the three tap recognition in the OS is disabled so that BTT and MacOS don't both try to grab that gesture. I'm not on the (currently unreleased) Mojave to know if it's different there.

do you have a bunch of 3 finger gestures? like tip tap tip swipe swipe etc. it could get confused and nto detect any gesture. other than 3 finger tap theres also 3 finger drag and accessbilitty settings. in btt theres 3 flinger click, tource touchpad trackpad settings, swypes settings can also affect you. if swypes are too easy to trigger taps will be categorized as clicks taps. theres 3 finger dragg. use live view to see whats being dfetected. if not try to add a layer ex: set up a keyboard shortcut for the click and assign that shortcut to the 3 finger tap. if your goal is to just open in new tab you can also do that by using context menu selection. it shouldnt be that difficult, but trying all that will help you narrow down the problem.

I found the issue, it's because I have 3 finger drag enabled. But what I fail to understand is why this is causing the issue. Before Mojave I also had 3 finger drag enabled but the command click on BTT worked flawlessly. Any suggestions on what to do?

Unfortunately three finger drag has long been causing issues as it alters some basic trackpad parameters and there is no real workaround to fix these issues.

You can enable the three finger drag optimizations (see screenshot), but in general I recommend to use single finger double-tap instead of three finger dragging. (Apple has also noticed it causes many issues, which is why they hid it in the Accessibility settings)