Combining MIDI singals + keyboard shortcuts

Hello forum,

A bit of context: I'm trying to use a MIDI control surface (Behringer X-Touch) to control Capture One, via BTT. To do this I'm converting MIDI to keyboard shortcuts. I have one set of 8 rotary encoders available, which I want to convert into 2 'banks' which I can control different parameters in Capture One with.

encoder 1, bank 1 -> 'ctrl + q'
encoder 1, bank 2 -> 'ctrl + opt + q'

I'm trying to convert multiple MIDI messages into a single keyboard shortcut output, but am not sure this is possible... if someone believes it is, then I'd be glad to hear about it!

Meanwhile I've been trying the following workaround:
1.) 'Note on = 127 on Note 50' -> 'opt key down'
2.) 'any change on CC16 -> ctrl + Q'

So, by logic, if I trigger first MIDI command 1.) then 2.), the resulting output should be 'ctrl + opt + q', no? In practice I've found the output to simply be the same as 2).

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!