Combination keys have to be clicked twice

Recently, any key-combination I've got setup, has to be entered twice to show / hide an app.


For example for the first combination, I have to hold Command and click dot (.) twice. Same for the other one - I have to click W twice to get the combination to work (Whatsapp to show on screen).

I'm on:
MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2019)
Big Sur 11.6.

Hey there. I get this too. I use BTT like @nadavl too. I have a few keyboard actions that take a combination of keystrokes and "show/hide and application".

Sometimes you have to click the combination twice to get it to work. But only sometimes. After you click twice that combination seems to work every time I run it. But then if I switch to a new combination (new action) the behaviour is random again (sometimes it works on first try, sometimes on second try)

I had this issue with 3.600 and 3.602 on macos Big sure.
I am now running 3.602 on Monterey on a 2018 MacBook bro 15'.

I also have Karabiner elements 13.5.0. I only have one override with Karabiner that doesn't affect the actions.

LMK if I can try out prereleases or anything to help you out with testing.


Seems to be related to this one Show/hide fails if applied to multiple apps in same shortcut. - #5 by Joe.the.Monk

Ah thanks for reporting, I'll release a fix later today!

Could you check whether it behaves correctly again on 3.603?

No it's not. It behaves the same as on previous versions 3.600 and 3.602. I'm on MacOS Monterey. When I downgrade to 3.598 it seems to be ok.

I have reverted the change from 3.600 for now, could you once more try with 3.604?

I'm on 3.606 right now and it's fixed. I think it was fixed on 3.605 too, not sure about 3.603.

Thanks for the fix!
Amazing app! So sorry that the Touch bar never caught on. BTT with touchbar rules!

Amazing, just upgraded to 3.606 now and it works like a charm!
Thank you for the super quick response and fix!! :metal:t4::metal:t4: