Color_under_cursor on second screen


The color_under_cursor variable becomes (null) when the cursor is moved to my second screen. The second screen is placed left of the main screen and the mouse/cursor position_x is negative. (see screen)

Could BTT not determine/find the color (color_under_cursor) on second screen somehow ?

Thx a lot,

BTT 4.065 / Mac M1 Max OS 13.3
BTT plugin Stream Deck option
Stream Deck Mobile (on iPad Air)

I played a bit with my display setup and the new 4.069.

It seams it does not matter whether the main or second screen is left or right. The color_under_cursor variable gets always NULL when the cursor is move to the second screen.

Can that be fixed, as my setup depends on this color to 'detect' what is going on in Ableton Live. It works fine on the main screen...

Thx a lot,