Cmd Q for a game

Hi! I play a game which uses cmd-q as an input. This behaved inconsistently, sometimes trying to close the app as is the mac default. I set cmd-q to no action to prevent it from closing my game. Now however, it seems like its blocking the cmd-q from being received at all. Is there any way to have cmd not do the system native behavior, but still be received by the game I'm playing?

Yes, additionally try to set up a key sequence (⌘+q) that triggers what the game does, perhaps via the menu.

I ended up binding cmd q to input "k" in better touch tool and cmd k to the behavior cmd q typically does in the game. So now hitting cmd q passes k, which the game reads as cmd k because I'm still holding command, and it works!. A little weird, but glad to have it fixed!

Thank you!