Close current touchbar group on Dock Widget Click

I don't know if the feature already exists but I don't seem to be able to do it!

I'm using AQT and i've replaced the App Switcher Widget for the Dock Widget but both of them react the same.

I would like to close the currently opened touchbar group when I press an app in theses widgets. I've tried to attach additional action but theses actions doesn't seem to be triggered at all whet pressing on the widget. Am I doing it wrong or it is just not possible to do such action?



im pretty sure you can just make it trigger a 'delay next action (0.4)' and then do the close currently open touchbar group..

Yes I tought so but it seems like theses widget can't have additional actions triggered. It looks like they don't react as if it was a button triggered.

Edit: I don't know why I haven't tested it before but by putting the close currently open Touch Bar group in the Assigned actions of the widget itself it works!

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