Close all tabs to the right/left

Request functionality to close all tabs to the right or left of current tab especially for drawings / Mouse Gestures. The ability is in a gestures plugin for Chrome, but would be nice to work in Safari.

Additional functionality might include opening urls in separate windows, or separating all current tabs into windows, or combine all tabs in one browser window, etc.

Allow a higher level of browser tab management, and bonus points for Finder.

can you explain what is this plugin please ?

Yes, but it would be nice if it worked for other apps like safari and finder with universal edits between computers.

Probably ⌘⌥+W does what you want in Safari.

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and menu in chrome

I kind of like the idea, but need to check whether this can be done on the native macOS tabs.

It can be done with a native Ctrl+Tab Ctrl+W but with no reference to how many tabs are open. Chrome has the functionality used by Gestures plugin. Safari has functionality to close other tabs, but without regard to tab position. The Gestures is super helpful with opening new tabs, duplicating, opening group in separate window, scrolling to top or bottom of page, etc. Would be awesome if it was OS universal since several programs use the tab functionality (Excel, Freeform, Browsers, etc.)

I found chrome extension that probably can do this but didn't try it

The Chrome plugin works great, but only works in Chrome. It can boost productivity a large amount, but siloed in one app limits productivity gains.

If you would ask a question, it would be much easier to answer you :wink: Since I don't know this Chrome plugin, I can only guess what exactly you would like to know.

So I guess the question is roughly, what can you do with tabs/windows in the Finder?

I suggest you open the related menu and hold down various modifiers. That will change the commands/menu. Maybe you will find something interesting. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can harmonize the different shortcuts of different apps for similar actions with BTT (or use gestures to trigger them).

It's a feature request, not a question. Unless you could write code to create the functionality that doesn't exist. Say you're in the second tab of several tabs in a finder window and you want to close all the tabs to the right. Hold right mouse and swipe right left right and done. Or say you have several finder windows open; instead of clicking each one and x closing them each out, you just swipe down on the ones you want closed: much faster. Gestures has the functionality in Chrome, but no way to apply that to other apps with similar layout functionality.

I understood the request, I think it’s possible to do, but it’ll take a bit - also it will only work with apps that use the native macOS tab functionality. (Safari, Finder, Preview…)

That would be awesome if you could get it to work! I think a lot of people would find it helpful and fun to use! Freeform is also using tabs, so if there is a commonality in macOS that would be great for native system-wide functionality! Imagine right button dragging for snapping/sizing windows, moving to other desktops, closing, grouping, and rearranging. It would give you full window/tab control of every pixel on your system.

At least that, should not be a problem. Two finger swipe down = ⌘+w.
Or am I misunderstanding you?

I'm not sure you're understanding. Andreas gets it. There is currently no known native OS functionality to close all Finder tabs to the right or left of the current tab. You would have to go to each tab individually and close them one by one.