ClipMenu like functionality (custom parse options for clipboard manager)

Hi, perhaps you know an app called ClipMenu - in generat it's a clipboard manager, which is also present in BTT. But the one and only feature that I find better in clip menu is the possibility to create own parsers.

ClipMenu allows to parse the contents of your clipboard with your own code in JavaScript.

So for example, in ClipMenu you can:

  1. Copy a "text" to clipboard
  2. Create your custom code for parsing/manipulating the text
return theTextFromClipboard.replace(/somePrivateStuff/g,"#cuttedOut#");
  1. You trigger the clipboard manager and upon selecting the item with some modifier key / shortcut / sequence the selected item gets parsed with your code.

Custom Java Script functions will soon be possible for the BTT clipboard manager :slight_smile:

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Whoa! Amazing, I really cannot wait! :heart::heart::heart:

I totally forgot about this feature, but it is finally available in BTT 3.356 :see_no_evil:

In the "Named & Other Triggers" section you can now configure "Clipboard Manager / Text Transformer" items, which will automatically show up in the clipboard manager:

They also work with the "Insert / Type / Paste Custom Text" action:

Which allows for inline replacement like this:

The scripts allow full JavaScript functionality and include the BTT additions:

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whoa! thank you so much, it'll make my life so much easier <3

that's why I love this project, you always address users' issues and solve the problems that may occur, big kudos again!

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