Clipboard shows something different than what is pasted

The BTT clipboard shows this

But when I paste it, this is what appears.

What can I do to prevent this?

Edit: It appears somehow correct if I use “type” (instead of paste). Mmm?

what kind of document are you pasting this into? (sounds like the document uses a different encoding)

Does it work if you use standard macOS copy/paste?

Okay, I can narrow it down. It only happens when I copy text from Gemini (Bard) and then paste it in any text app. And only when that page is opened in Devonthink's browser.

So it's not a BTT problem. But it is still a problem. So, is it this particular browser from DT?

Sounds like it, most likely some weird text encoding issue in DT.
BTT usually doesn't modify the clipboard content when using the standard paste - thus this is outside the scope for that. It should probably work if you use paste as plaintext, then BTT converts the copied text.

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