Clipboard related


  • A way to paste back in history without GUI; given a, b, c being c the oldest, first paste a then b then c and so on... maybe in paste items menu

  • An option both in clipboard manager and in paste items menu to avoid re-copying the last pasted item

  • "command + p" and "command + j" options overlap when pasting multiple selected clipboard entries. I suggest "command + j" pasting them one after another, without carriage return

  • Numbering each clipboard for fast visual reference, maybe before app icon

  • "option + clicking" the show favs star to invert the selection (selecting all NOT faved, useful for clearing large clipboards).BTW I like that when star is checked, behaviour persists when calling clipboard manager again, please don't change that


Other than with an script, is it possible for BTT to send shortcuts to BTT itself when it has an active process going on, as clipboard GUI or web?

Totally minor thing (question)

I have attached a move window to show the clipboard in order for the clipboard GUI to appear under the mouse (clipmenu / clipy style); say shortcut "option + v". When Paste selection when triggering the clipboard again... is turned on and I paste a text with shortcut "option + v", BTT also moves window where I'm pasting (active window)... is there a way to prevent this?

Thank you =)

For 1. and 2. have a look at the "Paste Specific Items from Clipboard Manager" and at this setting: