Clipboard Manager - simpler keyboard shortcuts

Hi there:

Thanks for this amazing tool and being very active in development!

I use BTT's clipboard manager, launched from a Touch Bar button and I use the clipboard manager a lot, especially for scenarios where I need to paste as plain text without format to MS Word or PowerPoint after copying something from a web page where HTML formatting is also copied alongside.

I would like to request for the following features 1 being the most important:

  1. simpler shortcuts or customizable shortcut keys. For example, paste as plain text, currently, we need to press command+p. Instead of that, can we just press like 1 for plain text paste. It would make my workflow a lot faster.

  2. I think, normal paste dropdown option should be ordered lowest because if we want to do that, we can just normal command+V without the need for a clipboard manager. To me, in my personal use case, I use paste as plain text a lot and it should be the first in the dropdown and given a shortcut as pressing the key "1".

  3. Also, the clipboard manager UI, if there's no entry inside the clipboard manager UI, all the available button options surface app and overlap one another and it is very ugly - it is like a very rare exception/opposite to the otherwise very well-thought-out and refined UI. Very unfortunate. Overall, if clipboard manage UI can be more refined, it would be great. I am getting an impression this is just an extra feature and is treated as an afterthought. For some, this is proving to be really essential, freeing us up from the need to buy another clipboard manager from App Store. Why not use BTT's one which starts up with Mac always and is always running in the first place anyway?

Yup, as such, above are my feature requests and hope they are not too complicated and hope they could be implemented soon in the near future updates.

Thanks to the team in advance for giving us a platform to voice our opinions and also being very active in development!

I would suggest Cmd+Shift+V as plain text (to match some other apps) instead of dropdown menus.

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Very fair suggestion, Chris. To each, his own.

Still, my workflow is a bit different from yours and I would like to request the development team to please try to consider and accommodate both of our requests, if possible.

I would also endorse this feature request - simply let us assign our own keyboard shortcuts for each of the Clipboard Manager paste options. I would like to have the return key default to Plain Text rather than standard, and change Cmd + P to standard rather than Plain Text. Either way I still love Better Touch Tool.


can someone give me a link to a tutorial on how to implement this in BTT? I've been searching for hours now and can't find anything on this - which may also be due to my language barrier.

Many greetings

Yes! This, please!

It would be awesome if the default paste mode was configurable. Return for plain text... and maybe like shift+return for standard.